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1. What is Ascend?
Ascend is the premier professional organization dedicated to enabling its members, business partners and the community to leverage the leadership and global business potential of Pan-Asians.
  • 15 professional chapters
  • 28 student chapters
  • 20+ chapters in formation across the U.S.
  • Over 5,000 members from 200 companies represented

We are a lifelong organization supporting the duration of our members’ careers - from undergraduate through to executive level.

We are a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

2. What type of companies do Ascend members come from?
We have members from over 200 companies, including leading blue chip organizations as well as smaller firms. A list of our corporate sponsors, whose employees can qualify to become Ascend members, includes leading accounting firms Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PriceWaterHouseCoopers; financial services firms such as HSBC, New York Life and ADP; software companies such as Cisco; and general manufacturing firms such as GE. For a full list, see our page of corporate sponsors.

3. Why should I join Ascend?
Ascend is the fastest growing network of pan-Asian professionals in the country that focuses exclusively on the business leadership potential of Pan-Asian professionals. Our lifelong perspective means that we continue to develop our members’ careers - from undergraduate through to executive level. Our extensive networks throughout industry give us the leading advantage in providing our members with the access and skills they need to become leaders.

Membership in Ascend gives you privileged access to member-only events, member discounts and an unsurpassed network of pan-Asian leaders across the country.

3. What are the different types of memberships?
There are four levels of membership:
  • Executive - focused on senior executives within leading organizations
  • Professional - includes managers, professionals, part-time students or those in career transition
  • Graduate/ MBA student - includes currently-enrolled full-time students at the graduate level
  • Undergraduate student - focused on students currently enrolled in a four-year full-time college or university program
Membership is open to individuals of all ethnic and professional backgrounds, ages and geographic locations.

4. How does Ascend differ from other Asian professional organizations (eg NAAAP)?
Ascend's strengths lie in its vertical support - from the undergraduate to the executive level - for Pan-Asian careers. In addition, its strong links across industry - from headhunters to corporations across industries - is unmatched. Ascend's strong networks with other minority groups strengthen our ability to help Pan-Asians grow.

5. What programs does Ascend run?
Ascend's Work for Executives, managers and professionalsaims to build the careers of Asian American and Pacific Islanders at all stages of their professional life through career and professional development programs including:
  1. CEI Leadership Series: Fostering discussion between C-Level management and high-potential aspiring executives
  2. LEAD Program: the "Lead, Empower, Advance and Develop" (LEAD) Program focuses on developing young professionals' leadership, communication and managerial skills with professional coaches
  3. Mentorship Program: Identifies and grooms future leaders by identifying senior business executives who can serve as their role models
  4. National Professional Development Series: Bridging Asian and American business cultures and how cultural understanding influences success in the workplace
  5. Leadership Development Conferences: Bothregional and national conferences offer multiple opportunities to build new skills, broaden your network and enhance existing relationships
Ascend's Work for Undergraduates begins as students enter undergraduate studies, with customized programs including:
1. A National Scholarship Program
2. Student Chapters across the United States

6. How do I know where my local chapter is?
Simply look for your professional or undergraduate chapter here.

7. There's no local chapter at my school. How do I start one?
We are expanding quickly, so check back soon! At any time, feel free to contact us to discuss how to set up a local chapter either at your school or in your region.

8. How do I volunteer for Ascend?
We always have opportunities for enthusiastic volunteers! Please check our volunteer page or contact us.

9. What is a Non-Member?
A non-member is an active member of the organization who attends Ascend events but is not a paid. Non-member status allows an individual to create a profile on our website and register for events but does not qualify them for member pricing.

10. How can I change from a non-member to member status?
Those who sign up on our website as non-members can upgrade at any time to a paid membership, at which point they qualify for all of the benefits of membership, including discounted pricing on all events, access to members-only events, and a great deal more.

11. My membership is expired. What do I do now?
We would love for you to continue being an active member. Sign in and click on "Manage profile" on the right side. Scroll down to the membership field at the bottom and renew your membership at the appropriate level.

12. I just tried updating my profile but it's asking me to update more information. Why?
With our new system, we've asked our members for more information about their backgrounds so we can tailor our programs to the needs and backgrounds of our members. This information will not be shared with anyone. Only National Staff will have access to this data. Please make sure when updating your profile that you select which fields you'd like to be publicly available (contact information, bio information, etc.).

13. I am a part-time MBA student. Do I qualify for a student membership?
Our student memberships are intended for those individuals who are full-time students who are not working. As such, part-time or executive MBA students, recently unemployed individuals taking classes, and any individual who is currently working in a professional job does not qualify for student membership. If you've graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program and have some professional work experience, the only way to qualify for a student membership is to resume a full-time pursuit of a degree. Taking classes (and not working) because you were laid off unfortunately does not qualify if you've already graduated and worked.

14. I am receiving a lot of Community Event emails. How do I unsubscribe or change my profile settings?
Community Event means "event anywhere" and Group event means "Chapter event". To change your notification preferences, log into with your password. Click on "Manage Profile" on the right hand side menu, then "Preferences" in the main section on the right. Click to uncheck (Off) "Community - Email me when a community event is added." Then scroll down and click on "Save My Settings."

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