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Doctors' Offices

Ascend’s popular “Doctors’ Offices” clinics are back at our 8th Annual National Convention in New York City for their third year. These intimate private sessions with our doctors (mentors) enable insightful exchange of ideas, best practices, as well as real-life challenges commonly faced in the workplace. The doctors will share their own experiences and advice on how they overcame the challenges and difficult situations as well as give actionable everyday tips for the workplace. This targeted mentoring program is also a great opportunity for executives to give back to the community by sharing stories and experiences that have helped them achieve success in their careers. Both executives and younger professionals have found this program very useful.

We encourage everyone to take part and learn how you can become a better leader and a colleague!

These sessions are free, and open to professional full convention registrants. Seating is limited, so we suggest you choose the session that most interests you right away. Sessions and topics are available at various times throughout the entire convention.
Coaching Clinics are intimate and informal mentoring sessions, one executive and 15 attendees will discuss experiences and share advice on several topics, including:

• Conducting a Difficult Conversation with a Difficult Employee
• Ask Your Boss
• Taking Chances
• Working Hard, No Time for New Training
• Navigating an Uncivil Workplace
• Facing Failure: Making Mistakes in Front of Your Leadership Team
• Stand Up and Seek Recognition
• Technical VS Management Career: A Choice
All doctors (mentors) are executives in their respective organizations (e.g. partners and in a service firm).