Ascend A-list Awards

May 28, 2020 | 7pm-8pm ET | Virtual Gala


What is the date and location of the Ascend A-list Awards Gala?

The Awards Gala will be resheduled to May 28th, More details to follow for the virtual gala

What is the attire for the evening event?

Event guests are encouraged to dress in Black Tie or Asian Festive.

What is the Ascend A-list Awards Program?

Building on Ascend’s ongoing recognition of Pan-Asian business leadership at multiple program offerings, we are expanding such recognition to this dedicated annual Ascend A-list Awards event. The Ascend A-list Awards give visibility to the contributions of accomplished and impactful Pan-Asian business leaders, thereby elevating their profiles within their companies, their industries and their communities while spotlighting the business case for the continuous pipeline of Pan-Asian talent across North America. Proceeds from the event benefit Ascend Foundation's research projects, thought leadership initiatives and scholarships.

What does the Ascend Foundation do?

The Ascend Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity engaged in research that seeks to optimize the professional productivity and the economic contributions of the Pan-Asian community and industry in major North American metropolitan regions. The Foundation undertakes both basic and applied research to create applicable pathways for the Pan-Asian community to become more competitive innovators, role models and catalysts for change. Our research findings help advance the Pan-Asian community by highlighting the importance of cultivating the leadership competencies needed to improve the stance of Pan-Asians in corporate environments as well as identifying skills that could propel them to leadership positions. The Ascend Foundation aims to provide a thought leadership platform to share effective integration of multiple cultures and leadership styles leading to inclusive diversity and dynamic success in global workplaces. For more information about Ascend’s influential research, please visit:

How are the award recipients selected?

Aligned with Ascend's mission of professional and leadership advancement, the award recipients are selected for their contributions for the advancement of others in their industries or communities as well as their professional achievements or philanthropic endeavors.

How can my company sponsor?

Please contact