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Global Leadership Program (GLP)



Ascend in collaboration with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business has created the Global Leadership Program (GLP) to help accelerate the development of global skills for senior professionals and executives working for corporations serving emerging markets, as well as to address the scarcity of global skills and talent faced in these geographies. The GLP contains a world–class academic curriculum integrated with Fortune 500 global executive participation.

Why This Program?

Globalization has melded the world into one vast interconnected marketplace. As global competition increases, effective leadership in emerging markets becomes paramount to a global company’s success. World economists generally agree that emerging markets are driving the direction of the world economy and will have the highest rate of GDP growth for the next decade and beyond. Global companies conducting business in emerging markets need qualified talent to run international operations. Despite the enormous labor force in emerging market countries and their tremendous emphasis on the value of education, there is a lack of qualified senior managers and executives needed to successfully lead a corporation in a global market.

This program will prepare senior professionals and executives to:

  • Foster the ability to think and operate like a global leader
  • Understand and apply the functional skills, tools, frameworks, models, and concepts necessary to contribute to and work more effectively in a global environment
  • Strengthen the leadership skills needed to make effective decisions with the appropriate level of risk
  • Understand cultural differences, Eastern and Western management styles and professional behaviors required for success in a global organization
  • Develop the insight and behaviors needed to generate visionary ideas and solve complex problems in a global environment through creative and innovative thinking
  • Why The Global Leadership Program for Emerging Markets Leaders?

  • Integration and combination of academic excellence and executive insight providing the best of both worlds through academic rigor and real-world business experiences
  • Focused on key global functional management and leadership disciplines
  • Creation of an executive network between executives from emerging markets, senior professionals, and Western global corporate executives which extends across multiple industry organizations
  • Who should attend?

    The GLP will provide global companies the training necessary for their high-potential local talent and can also be applicable for emerging market companies that want to grow and develop beyond domestic borders.

  • Global companies that conduct business in emerging markets that have the need to grow, enhance and retain high-potential local talent, high-potential senior managers with 8-10 years and young executives with 9-12 years of experience
  • Company executives from emerging markets, ministry leaders, senior managers, and regional policy makers who aspire to run and lead domestic companies into the global marketplace; high-potential senior managers with 6-8 years and young executives with 8-10 years of experience
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