Countdown to Convention


The Doctor is in!

The new "Doctors' Offices" are a new addition to Ascend’s 6th Annual National Convention.

Learn how the Ascend "Doctors of Leaderships" diagnose and prescribe the right solutions to everyday challenging situations.


The Doctor’s offices are intimate private sessions with seasoned executives that will share their own experiences and advice on how they have overcome challenges and situations apparent in corporate America. Registrants will have the opportunity to attend one or all of the specialty clinical sessions offered.

These sessions will be scheduled at unique times during the course of the convention. Registration is required for attendance and a small fee of $20 (per session) is needed to hold an "appointment" with the "Doctors of Leadership".

Session topics include:
Conducting a Difficult Conversation with a Difficult Employee
-Subpar performance
-Inappropriate behavior
-Complaints from others
-Fire an employee
Influence Without Authority
-Articulate a shared mission
-Secure consensus
-Motivate engagement
-Prevent roadblocks
Ask Your Boss…
-Ask for a raise
-Seek a promotional opportunity
-Clarify performance expectations
-Complain about a jerk on the team
Navigating in an Uncivil Workplace
-Coworkers attempt to undermine and bully you
-Your boss plays favorites
-People form cliques and leave you out
-Some grab credit when not earned
Making Small Conversations Work for You
-Sports and entertainment
-On the road
Communicating Through Non-verbal Clues
-Body language and facial expressions
-Tone of voice
-Think fast on your feet
-Executive presence
Stand Up and Seek Recognition
-Recognize your cultural heritage biases
-When and how to promote yourself
-Speak up and stand out
-Who can support you
Connect Personally With Others
-Who you know is more important than what you know
-Make a good first impression
-Understand your company’s culture and norms
-Manage your social media connections
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
-Assess risk and reward
-Take more risks
-Do nothing is the most risky
-Manage risks for business success


  • Myths of Asian Leadership 2.0 - What’s needed for Pan-Asians to gain leadership assignments
  • "Doctors’ Offices” - Clinics for special career situations - "Doctors’ Offices” staffed by corporate level executives
  • Branding Opportunity for Corporations - Ability to showcase the company, their products and services
  • Business to consumer marketplace - Space for products and services displays
  • Executive Insights for Women- Created by Women; Taught by Women; For Women